A Q&A website for Building Performance Experts

Unmethours.com – Finally a Q&A website for Building Performance Experts!

Ok, you’ve heard this before. A modern Question and Answer platform for building performance simulation and analysis that will change your life and help us move past the email listserv that we all know and love (that, to be fair, has been a great service to the community).

Due to this effort, a group of us were pushing a proposal on the stackexchange.com for Building Simulation which was ultimately unsuccessful as the barriers to entry were too high for the relative size and activity of our community.

Despite this setback, IBPSA-USA and the go-getters at Big Ladder software took it upon themselves to build and host our own platform independent of Stackexchange.

Introducing unmethours.com

Unmethours.com is a new Q&A platform for users to post questions related to building performance simulation and analysis. A few Building Information Modelling (BIM) questions may make their way in there as well!

Check it out: http://unmethours.com/