Hey Everyone! I will be presenting at the upcoming IBPSA NYC Event.I will be demoing the latest beta release of Simergy, a graphical front end for Energyplus developed by LBNL and Infosys. To register for the event click the button below.


EnergyPlus GUI II: AECOSim and Simergy


AECOsim Energy Simulator (AES) is a full-featured, graphic interface for building performance simulation built from the ground up based on the latest EnergyPlus (v7.2) simulation engine. AES was initially released by Bentley Systems in September 2011. This demonstration will first cover the interface including the ribbon bar; tree for navigating spaces, walls, windows, doors, ceilings, roofs, internal loads, HVAC components, and zoning; BIM interface to visualize building models. How to create an AES building model will also be shown: Conceptual Design (13 inputs, sketch the building outline, select HVAC system); import 2-D CAD and trace the building and spaces; import gbXML; or import graphics (bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PDF) and trace spaces.

Then, the HVAC Designer will be shown along with 31 preconfigured HVAC and SWH systems (preconfigured systems automatically create the all the necessary EnergyPlus nodes, branches, and connections). The HVAC Designer makes it easy to configure the more than 50 HVAC Designer components and create or modify systems using a visual drag and drop system. Finally, automated creation of baseline and budget buildings for ASHRAE 90.1 will be shown as well as results from ASHRAE RTS/heat loss and EnergyPlus simulation.

About the Speaker

Dr. Crawley leads the team developing a new generation of building performance software for energy and sustainability at Bentley Systems, including AECOsim Energy Simulator, among others (Open Plant with HVAC, Hevacomp Simulator, Hevacomp Mechanical Designer, and Hevacomp Electrical Designer). (AECOsim Energy Simulator is a BIM-based, full featured graphic interface for the U.S. Department of Energy flagship EnergyPlus building simulation program.)

With more than 30 years of experience in buildings energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability, he has worked in engineering software development, government research and standards development organizations, as well as building design and energy consulting companies. Prior to joining Bentley in early 2010, he managed the U.S. Department of Energy’s building energy software tools research and development including EnergyPlus, OpenStudio plugin for Google (now Trimble) SketchUp, Energy-10, and DOE-2. He also led DOE’s Commercial Building Initiative – working to achieve cost-effective low-energy commercial buildings, including the Commercial Building Energy Alliances and Commercial Building Partnerships which included the owners of more than 20% of the commercial building floor space

  • 7:00-7:15 PM Q & A
  • 7:15-7:45 PM A demonstration of Simergy, LBNL’s GUI for EnergyPlus Alan Jackson - Senior Design Technology Specialist, CASE


A demonstration of Simergy, LBNL’s GUI for EnergyPlus Alan Jackson, Senior Design Technology Specialist, CASE Description: Simergy is a graphical interface for Energyplus that Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) has been working on with a team of industry professionals and software developers with a planned release for this year. Simergy is a Windows application that allows full creation and simulation of of building performance and energy analysis. Some key features include a graphical model builder, support for importing and exporting various file exchange formats, template based and fully custom workflows, as well as a graphical HVAC system builder. This demonstration will showcase at a high level the final beta release of the product highlighting some key areas around the product. The demo will cover an overview of the graphical interface; file import/export capabilities working with geometry, template based and custom HVAC systems, and lastly visualization of analysis results.

About the Speaker

Alan Jackson is a Senior Design Technology Specialist at CASE and specializes in MEP engineering and consulting. Alan’s passion for sustainability, master-planning, and energy/performance analysis has translated to an interest in utilizing energy modeling platforms and related analysis tools to address and improve building performance. He joins CASE from KlingStubbins where he held the position of HVAC Project Engineer/BIM Team Leader. Alan received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Northeastern University and is LEED AP. Not to be mistaken for the country music artist, Alan is an avid traveler and world history buff currently favoring Japanese culture and Samurai films. He is also the founder of bim-source.com, a blog that concentrates on Revit MEP and energy modeling for the BIM community.