Shared Parameter Management 2013

With the release of Revit 2013 I have been getting emails and comments on when the shared parameter tools would get updated for 2013. I had planned a complete overhaul for the 2013 release but did not get around to it. I have been linking to a new version of the Revit Add-in in the comments to users who have had issue with the older add-in. This new add-in pictured above offers the same functionality as the old IBD add-in I modified but with different code that should eliminate any of the previous issues users were having. Installers are available below for 2012 and 2013. The installers are Microsoft One-Click installers so it is highly recommended that you use Internet Explorer when clicking the link, or copy and paste into IE. Installer will add a ribbon to your Add-Ins tab in Revit.

As with the previous version the binding feature is only intended to work inside an open family, not a project. You will be prompted for your .txt file which for your convenience can be easily created using the included SP.Writer Excel tool!


  • Export Family Parameters to CSV file
  • Bind Shared Parameters to Family using existing .txt file
Revit Add-In 2013
Revit SP.Writer v0.2.1