IDF to INP Converter for NREL BCL

For those of you not aware a while back NREL began publishing library components to their BCL Catalog. The Library has grown extensively since the initial rollout. The components for the time being a compatible with EnergyPlus and a supplied IDF definition can be found with the ZIP package for each component. It is truly a blessing to have access to this catalog which contains not only custom items but a huge selection of standards based elements such as ASHRAE 90.1 and 189.1 construction components.

Being an EnergyPlus user myself I am pretty content receiving an IDF file, and if you use OpenStudio I believe the API allows for pulling these components directly into your model for immediate use. While certainly an excellent workflow for an EnergyPlus user it became clear to me during recent conversations with one of the USACE divisions that having these components in INP format for use in eQUEST (DOE2.2) would be quite nice for all the existing eQUEST users still fighting the good fight.

So, I took some of my recent experience working with file processing in Python and whipped up a fairly decent conversation script for converting BCL construction components from IDF to INP.

At the moment the utility simply asks for the location of the IDF file and a location to save the new INP file.

**Note: this utility only intended to convert BCL IDF construction objects**

It only runs in Windows because of the dialog’s and file location defaults, Python obviously can run on anything. You will need to have Python installed on your machine for this to work. I recommend and use Python 2.7

Here is the gist link for those who want to make any edits and fixes …

And here is actual file:


Eventually if people actually find a use for this I may add the ability to push the INP into an existing project, but honestly eQUEST already handles INP imports and handles any duplicate entries as well which would exist with pulling in materials, air gaps, etc.

Anyway, enjoy! Leave feedback in the comments. Thanks