I'm with CASE

I don’t normally take time at all to talk about what is going on in my professional world but in this particular instance I want to speak briefly about a recent change in my career by joining the team at CASE Design, Inc.

I have spent a good deal of my career working as an Engineer with a strong focus on the use of technologies within the industry. Mostly software based technologies such as BIM platforms and software tools used for building performance analysis and energy modeling. Recently I have also been stepping into the application development area using VB macros in Excel, python scripting and some .NET Revit API tools in C#. Almost all of my time learning these new technologies was done outside the standard working hours. Mostly because the traditional AE model doesn’t always support these types of areas when it comes to R&D time, instead focusing on traditional technical skills for particular fields with no R&D budget at all. I knew that if this was my area of interest and something I truly had a passion and skill for I would need to make it a full-time job. Unfortunately these areas of technology and development don’t find their way into our industry too often in the form of companies. That is until I met the folks at CASE.

…embracing and understanding cutting edge technology and how it enables us to design and build better buildings.

CASE is one of the only, if not the only, truly agnostic BIM and Technology consultancy group in our industry. At first glance you may think that they focus only on BIM, and specifically on Revit. And if you’re really not paying attention you would think that means “oh .. they do Revit training”. The guys at CASE probably love it when people think this because it just re-enforces the help that our industry as a whole needs in embracing and understanding cutting edge technology and how it enables us to design and build better buildings. When I say agnostic I mean there is no playing favorites in the office. Technology of all sorts will be utilized on a case-per-case basis in order to solve the issue at hand. Desktop technologies, web technologies, whatever it takes, and if they don’t already exist our skilled set of developers will create the technology or application themselves. And it’s not only BIM. The guys at CASE are always looking to broaden the offerings of the company as a whole in order to … well … create cool stuff.

I truly believe I have found a home with the team at CASE Design, Inc. Never in my entire life have I had the opportunity to be surrounded by some of the most intelligent and hard-working folks all at the same time, and under the same roof. I am excited to see what each new day brings at the office. Every day is different and brings new challenges, and I’m up for the challenge.

Please visit CASE Design, Inc. , DesignReform and DesignByMany to keep up on the latest in AEC technology and of course always check back to my site where I will continue to work hard to bring you more of the same. -Alan