Revit MEP: Elbows for Engineers – Part II

Alan Jackson bio photo By Alan Jackson Comment

In Part 1 of Elbows for Engineers I discussed creating Elbows based on LookUp tables for Steel Sch 40 piping. In this installment I am going to show a simple way to get a more realistic throat dimension for Mitered Elbows and tips for graphical representation of a mitered elbow with turning vanes.

This is actually very straight forward. By simply editing the default Mitered Rectangular Elbow and changing the Shoulder parameter to this equation… if(Duct Width < 2', 0'  4", if(Duct Width < 4', 0'  6", 0'  8"))

… you get a much better looking elbow for your documentation. See image results.

Before and After

I added the model line to represent an elbow with turning vanes. Some companies have different standards so do what works best for you. Enjoy!