RealBIM: Revit MEP Adaptive Content

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My recent posts have been more Revit focus, taking a short break from the energy analysis side of things. I posted Part I and Part II on some issues that companies have that relate to graphical standards and content. This types of issues seem to be at the forefront of BIM implementations within MEP firms and unfortunately they cloud the true benefits of a BIM platform which is the management of information, such as in the form of Schedules and calculations. You would be surprised how many MEP firms I talk with still have not implemented standardized schedules. With that being said I wanted to focus on a recent problem I was attempting to solve relating to mechanical elements adapting to the environment they are in.

With the benefits of System in the Revit MEP platform you can manage connectivity of elements for the purpose of Scheduling, flow calculations, pressure drop calculations etc. The unfortunate aspect of this is that much of the input is done by hand. Realizing that in most cases the input information is already prevalent in the model I wanted to tackle the simple task of transferring calculated space loads to the space terminal elements (ie. air terminals and terminal boxes) for the following purposes (simplified list of course as the trickle down effects would make for a long list):

  1. Updating Schedules
  2. Updating air flow rates of System
  3. Updating Reheat requirements of terminal boxes
  4. Updating water flow rates of System

The goal was to accomplish all these tasks in a single click. I was able to accomplish this goal with great success using two resources at my disposal. One is the wiki page for Determining Water Flow Requirements based on Air Flow and Design Assumptions posted by Martin Schmid. With this information I was able to update my current content to take advantage of calculation requirements for heating loads, flow rates etc. The second resource came from Jeremy Tammik of The Building Coder with his MEP Sample Code I was able to utilize the add-in for assigning airflow to terminals. Check out the links and the video below showing the workflow and let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks.

Good Luck!