EPGUI Renamed to Simergy!

Alan Jackson bio photo By Alan Jackson Comment

The joint venture of LBNL, Infosys and others documented on this site in the past has gotten an official name it appears … Simergy!

Check out the more information on the project at the LBNL Simergy website

Simergy is a comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) for the US Department of Energy’s building energy simulation program EnergyPlus that will be free to the end user when it is released in 2012. User requirements were defined through a series of workshops for practitioners. Simergy includes a ‘drag and drop’ component-level schematic editor for HVAC systems. Building envelope geometry can be imported from CAD / BIM tools using the industry standard protocols IFC and gbXML or can be generated by Simergy. A comprehensive set of templates and libraries is being developed, as well as an interactive output reporting framework. Simergy is planned to include a comprehensive set of well-documented Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) to facilitate development of third party contributions. Simergy is being developed by a public/private partnership led by LBNL. Professional versions of the GUI are planned by private sector partners.