Six New YouTube Videos on OpenStudio v0.5 Release

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Courtesy of NREL OpenStudio Youtube

New Geometry Tools in OpenStudio 0.5 (Space Diagram and Projecting Loose Geometry)

This video shows some new geometry creation tools in OpenStudio 0.5 More

New in OpenStudio 0.5 (Spaces, Space Types, Stories and Thermal Zones)

This video introduces some new concepts in OpenStudio 0.5. Geometry is now contained by a space rather than a thermal zone. One or a number of spaces combine to create a thermal zone. Spaces can also be associated with a space type and a building story. More

New in OpenStudio 0.5 (The Object Inspector)

This video introduces you to the new Object Inspector in the OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin. This is the next generation of the Object Information Window. Instead of an HTML dialog within SketchUp, this is it’s own application that launches and quits with SketchUp. Data from the model is synchronized between the SketchUp and Inspector window. When you select an object in SketchUp, this is where you can see and alter attributes. For most situations this will replace the need to use OpenStudio ModelEditor. More

Applying Surface Constructions in OpenStudio 0.5

This video describes the different ways you can apply surface constructions to your model. While you can still apply surfaces to each surface, you can also set defaults for a specific space, space type, story, or an entire building. More

Creating User Scripts to Extend OpenStudio’s Functionality

In OpenStudio 0.5. we created a user script menu which allows users to extend and customize OpenStudio’s functionality. Users create their own or modify sample ruby scripts. These ruby scripts are incorporated into SketchUp’s interface via a “user scripts” submenu. Users have access to both SketchUp’s as well as OpenStudio’s ruby methods, as well as standard ruby methods. More

Adding HVAC Systems to Your Model With OpenStudio SystemOutliner

This video shows how to create HVAC systems for your model using SystemOutliner. You can open OSM files created in the OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin, or you can start your model in SystemOutliner and then open it later in with the SketchUp plugin to add spaces loads and geometry. More

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