New Existing Building Simulation Talking Head

Clayton Miller bio photo By Clayton Miller Comment

Howdy folks! Due to Alan extending a warm invitation to other energy modelers out there for blog submissions, I’m making my debut as the in-house existing building energy modeling expert (the title ‘expert ‘ is used lightly at this point as I still have a lot to learn – although anyone that has suffered through one or two model calibration processes should be considered seasoned). I would like to blog about my experiences learning the ropes of calibrated modeling for existing buildings and the applications of such models in transforming the market. Thanks Alan and hope you don’t regret this!

The get things going in my first post, I’m just going to give a simple shout out to the Rocky Mountain Institute who has taken the lead in promoting the use of simulation in existing buildings. While the concept is not new, whole building calibrated energy models are seldom used in the retrofit process – either because of awareness, lack of training, cost/labor restrictions, or in many cases it’s simply not necessary. However, there is a growing demand for such services due to a few market and technology catalysts starting to gain momentum (which I’ll save for later posts).

RMI has a pretty nifty website which you must check out as it gives a solid foundation for modelers (and non-modelers for that matter) on the basics of the ‘Deep Retrofit Approach’ – aka a new marketing spin on the plain old calibrated model approach.

One closing remark - as I mentioned before, I’m still in the process of earning my all the badges as an energy modeler – so if anyone out there wants to disagree or comment, I welcome a full-fledged, [bldg.-sim]-style discussion (or passive-aggressive argument) to bust out in the comment section below.