[Update] Revit SP.Writer v0.2.0

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PLEASE READ: The file format for this utility should be .xlsm. If you are using Internet Explorer to download the utility it will likely rename the file to .zip. Please rename the extension from .zip to .xlsm and then open in Excel. Apparently some users have been unable to use the utility because of this. Apologies for any confusion.

This is an update release of Revit SP.Writer for Excel. SEE CHANGELOG BELOW.

This utility is intended to manage shared parameter files for Autodesk Revit platforms. It was written and tested using Excel 2007 & 2010.


  • Import Shared Parameter ’.txt’ files
  • Export Shared Parameter ‘.txt’ files
  • Create New Shared parameters
  • Selective Export from Parameter Library
  • Organize Parameters


- Provided verification for clearing entire sheet
- fixed version numbering
- hide settings tab
- Set focus to parameter name after ADD button click
- Added full list of DATATYPE objects from 2012
- Compatability is now *2012 ONLY*
Initial Release

Feel free to use and modify to improve features and functionality, but please release any updates publicly. Leave feedback and comments in the post. Report any bugs through the contact page of the site. Enjoy!