Radiance and OpenStudio?

Alan Jackson bio photo By Alan Jackson Comment

Boy, these stories keep getting better. I saw a thread over at the NREL OpenStudio Discusison board about how they are working on integrating Radiance into OpenStudio (partially integrated already aparently). This looks quit promissing since it provides another layer to the “platform” possibly eliminating the need to add ‘yet another building simulation tool’ or YABST, to model your buildings. If OpenStudio took my direction and changed their name to OpenStudioSuite then we could have a good acronym for OSS (One Stop Shop).

Here is a snippet from the thread located here:

NREL is planning to roll out a cross platform Radiance dashboard that will have nightly builds of Radiance installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux; these will be rolled into OpenStudio installers as well, so future release installers of OpenStudio will install OpenStudio, EnergyPlus AND Radiance for you, regardless of what platform you use.

If any of the readers are Radiance users, please check out these Ruby scripts and report back. In the meantime I will try this out on my own with low expectations for myself.