Editorial: ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference April 4-6, 2011

Alan Jackson bio photo By Alan Jackson Comment

Hey everyone, I’m back today with a bit of an editorial instead of the usual video. Hope everyone can deal with that. I should start out by saying if you are in the industry and are involved in energy modeling or building performance modeling, lease read these series of post sall the way through and share with your friends. I learned some great stuff this week. Most notably BIM != BEM. More importantly going from BIM to BEM is faulty and unproven as a usable workflow. We already knew this but is has been confirmed by the experts.

So I attended the ASHRAE conference this week, I’m on my flight back to Philadelphia and overall the experience was great. This is the first event like this ASHRAE has held and the first of this type that I have attended, I have never been to SimBuild, but it seems that their crowd had a strong presence at this event. Just a quick side note my seat number on the way over was D12 and on the way back was 21D, thats crazy right? Right? So heres a brief break down of the event, I’ll talk about each day, if you want to jump to the good stuff skip to my notes on Day 3. An entire itinerary of the event can be found here. You should note that some presentations/discussions were held in parallel so it was not possible to attend each topic, however ASHRAE will make the entire event public including audio and presentations by the end of the month.

Disclaimer: For those of you who don’t know I am not an “Energy Modeler”. I am an Engineer with a passion for software and technology in my industry. Much of the expertise I have accumulated over the years was driven by my love for the software including BIM and BEM and I honed many of my skills on my own time. I told some of the folks I work with that BIM and BEM is a religion for me and I hold a strong opinion of both. I was never told I had to learn BIM or anything related to energy modeling for job security, I did so for own personal development and I am proud of that fact, and proud to have been ahead of the curve adopting Revit and Energyplus before they had traction.

Now on to the good stuff Day 1