HVAC Templates in Energyplus

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New site theme! Had some problems with the old one, anyway, on to the videos!

I have been getting lots of emails about posting new videos specifically those related to HVAC systems which is obviously what everyone wants to learn and what we all struggle with. I am starting simple here by showcasing what I believe to be the most powerful part of Energyplus and perhaps one of the best implementations of creating HVAC systems in any analysis tool to date.

I am a big fan of the HVAC Template modules and use them to create simple systems and ultimately expand them into more complex systems. For instance you may want to model a GSHP system. In the past I would create a standard Water Cooled Chiller system and swap out the tower for a ground loop and the chiller for a WSHP. By using the template to create the base branches and nodes you can easily swap out the equipment later on, making the difficult piece of the branches automated.

So check out the videos and you’ll be creating HVAC systems in minutes, in some instances faster than you ever have before, enjoy!

HVAC Templates in Energyplus – Part 1

HVAC Templates in Energyplus – Part 2

HVAC Templates in Energyplus – Part 3

HVAC Templates in Energyplus – Part 4